Good design lasts

Architecture, by its nature, is a reflection of its time capturing the moment it was created, the way of life it encompasses and the spirit of the culture it is a part of. But great architecture can be timeless.

At Wyatt, that is why we put design first in everything we do. It makes for a better home. It creates a better experience of living. And it builds something that will be desirable and valuable not just today, but for the years and generations to come.

Fresh thinking means better design

It’s not just the elevation or the floorplan that makes for better design; each and every aspect of a home can be improved by artful thinking. At Wyatt, we bring a design sensibility to everything we do. We choose land that will create a better, more connected experience for those who live there. We site our homes with attention to aesthetics, balance and form. We design streetscapes that create flow and rhythm. Our exterior elevations bring a higher level of design to a community. Our floorplans are unique yet functional. And the features and finishes we include are carefully chosen for their aesthetics as well as their quality. Because at Wyatt, we’re dedicated to design.

Know your neighbourhood

One key to designing homes that will suit your lifestyle is understanding the neighbourhood. At Wyatt, we build in places we would call home. Places where we get the unique appeal of local shops and restaurants. Places where we’ve walked the streets and the parks. Then we design homes to fit the needs of the people who will live there. It’s a more personal way of designing homes, and the result is a home that suits its owners and makes the neighbourhood a better place.